Betawi Cultural Village and Zoo

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Betawi Cultural Village and Zoo

Setu Babakan

The word Setu means small lake. Setu Babakan in located in Srengseng Sawah, sub district of Jagakarsa, municipality of South Jakarta. It is the the Centre of Betawi Cultural Village, a site considered as a part of the cultural heritage of Jakarta. Over the centuries these group have kept their cultural root, to form a special of their own known as Orang Betawi.

Here are some activities that Orang Betawi in this Cultural Village.


Batik Factory

Dodol Factory

Ragunan Jakarta Zoo

Ragunan Zoo is a wonderful example for preservation and introduce of the diversity of Indonesian wild life.

The zoo authorities intend to free some of the animals into the wild after proper care and trainning.

Ragunan Zoo now had a primates centre called Schmutzer Primate Centre. It keeps primates such as gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons etc.

Tour price

USD 80/person (minimum 2 person)

Single traveler USD 155


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