Nature Safari Tour


Nature Safari Tour


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Tour Included:

AC Transportation, English Speaking Guide, Entrance Ticket as per itinerary, Parking Fee.

Drive through one of Jakarta’s suburbs and lovely countryside, this tour takes you to Bogor, 60 km south of Jakarta and on to Puncak and Cisarua area at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level.

This tour featuring the following objects and attractions:

Indonesia, Java, Bogor. The Bogor Botanical Gardens (Kebun Raya).

Bogor Botanical Garden

This garden is located in the heart of Bogor town, home of more than 15.000 plants from all over the world. In this huge (87 hectares) garden you can walk around in fresh air area while learning many trees that you’ll never seen before. Bogor used to be the residential area of Dutch people in colonial time (19th century) when they wanted to escape from the bad situation in Batavia till they named it ‘Buitenzoorg’ that means ‘nothing to worry’ and then pronounced by local people as Bogor. Bogor also played an important role as the centre activities of the most powerful of Padjajaran Hindus Kingdom in West Java in 16th century.

Bogor - Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

Puncak Tea Plantation

From Bogor, drive across this beautiful 1400-meters high pass, winding mountain road that passes through small resort towns and tea plantations you will arrive to Puncak that meaning ‘summit’. At this high altitude, it’s cool and often misty. Tea pickers with their colorful costumes and big broad hats are good objects for photo lovers It is a popular escape from the heat and crowds of Jakarta.

zooTaman Safari Indonesia

The Taman Safari Indonesia or Indonesia Safari Park is a drive-through game park created for animals in an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat. Watching various kinds of animals from all continents roaming nearby your tour bus is a very interesting experience that cannot be found in other zoos. Adjacent to the park is Baby Zoo which will offer another interest where you could hold friendly lion cubs, shake hands with orangutans and see a very unique white tiger.

Price per person in USD.

Language Single 2 – 4 pax 5 – 7 pax 8 – Up
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
English 190 100 90 90 85 80 75
Japanese/Mandarin 280 150 140 135 120 125 115


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