Kawah Ratu Walk


Kawah Ratu Walk

Taman National Halimun Salak Mountain

Experience nice trekking that can be done for beginer.

Trekking to Kawah Ratu

Kawah Ratu is a volcanic crater which is still active, located on Mount Salak. Mount Salak itself is relatively close of Jakarta, which is only around 80 Km away. Administratively, this is Mount Salak in Bogor, West Java.

What is unique about this Kawah Ratu crater is, a mostly crater was at the peak of the mountain, but Kawah Ratu is located on the slopes. So to get there, we do not need to do a full ascent to the mountain top, but only around one-third only. 

The place is very fascinating. It has a good scenery and not-to-difficult track. The track is full of rocks and in some part is full of water which come from the river. We have to use a propper shoes since to avoid twigs, mud, stone and leeches.Experience nice trekking that can be done for beginer

It takes 2-3 hours walking until we reach Ratu Crater. And you will see the good damn beautiful scenery of tropical rain forest and active crater.

Along the way you might see a troop of Java Owa monkeys performing acrobatic jumps, up high on the trees; very refreshing.

Clean water (drinkable) was available at streams along the trek, but only before the last 1 KM sulfuric area.

Things to bring

Nice walking shoes

Drinking water and biscuits




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